Behind the Scenes – A Vikram Rana Mystery Series by Sharmishtha Shenoy (Book Review)

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*ARC received in exchange for a honest review.*

Behind the scenes is a story of murder of a fading super star-actor Ryan Gomez on a set during a shoot via poisoning and while there where several people present there are 6 main suspects.

Rusty/Rustom: Powerful film producer, the love of whose life ended up becoming Ryan’s first wife.
Allan: Screenplay writer, who was in danger of being fired from the production house thanks to a public tiff with Ryan.
Shiela: Ryan’s current girlfriend, and the main suspect since she handed the cup of tea which was poisoned.
Jaya: Sheila’s mother, who was strongly opposed to her marrying Ryan.
Paddy: Acclaimed film director, who was in love with Sheila.
Family of Ryan’s first wife: Which mainly included his first wifes mother, sister and a house maid.

And there is only one man who can get down and find the culprit: Vikram Rana– renowned Ex-Police Officer and currently a Private investigator.

The plot is quite straight forward. The story takes place in a span of one month. Vikram takes the case and tries to find out what really happens, rather than just going for the obvious suspect and tries to bring justice. All the characters involved had multi layers to them and all had hidden agendas, each equally suspicious to have the murder motive. But as it always is, not everything that looks simple is really that transparent. Ryan was the famed super star but behind the scenes he had done many mistakes in his life which had affected everyone around him. Does that justify his murder, no but it brings to light many underlying issues and instances forward.

The character development was really amendable. On first glance, each suspect has a clear motive for the murder but in a very fine fashion, their stories are brought to the light. The plot twist at the end was very cleverly navigated in the story and did not feel like it happened out of the blue with no actual semblance to the story.

I have said it before many times that I hardly even have 10 Indian authors whose writing styles I enjoy but Sharmistha shenoy’s style was just perfect. No where in the story did it feel like the story became dull or it was going too fast. It kept a perfect pace throughout the story, making the reader get really involved in the mystery.

While the i really liked this story, i did get an inkling as to who was the actual murderer half way in, so the ‘WOW’ factor did not happen to me, when the murderer was revealed. And only and only for that reason this book fell a bit short for me form becoming one of my favorites. I nonetheless really enjoyed this book.

Story rating: 4/5


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