Being MIA for a year….

I started this blog back in 2018 with the main purpose of writing about my first love….BOOKS!

What started off full of enthusiasm and comparative social media progress, soon came to a halt cause of two major road blacks: Health and unrealistic expectations.

I was going through some health issues since the past year, that is the end of 2016 and the majority of 2018. I got myself checked with multiple docs and all of them telling me that it was just the flu or stress due to the new job and similar answers. They would give me medicine which would help until the course lasts and then back to me not being able to keep any food down and puking everything on a daily basis. This brought me to a point where I couldn’t focus on my day job, or even want to get out of my bed. I quit my job by Nov 2017 and started freelancing and hoping to find a doctor who can do a proper diagnosis and help me out. Not going into many details, let’s just say now it was February 2018 and at this point, I have given up hope, going through mild depression and doing anything felt like climbing Mount Everest and that was the end of me posting anything on my blog or on goodreads.

Books were my only saving grace….reading books kept me sane and not fall further into the black hole.

Finally, after this and that and trials and error, I finally found a doctor in Aug 2018 who found the real issue(which I don’t want to go in detail about online), and I have been getting better ever since. I was back to being normal and in December I thought about starting to post again but at this point, I felt lost and didn’t know where to start from. I kept on procrastinating and by end of Feb I found myself with a proper goal and plan to take this hobby of blogging ahead.

So starting from this month I plan to post regularly. Which means realistic expectations of at least 1-2 blogs a week as suppose to last year where I wrote 5-6 blogs per week.

Writing about what I like as suppose to what’s trending. I realized that somewhere I forgot that I am writing (as a non-professional) because I love books regardless if I have one follower or 100. So this time around I write because I want to and not because of other XYZ-factors.

Hope this year turns out to be better.

Happy reading!

Next blog: 14 March – Books of 2019 Part 1 [JAN- JUNE].

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